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Rotogravure printing 

  • Rotogravure printing is a type of printing , which involves engraving the image into image carrier and the image is engraving into a cylinder.


Flexography printing

  • Flexography printing is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate.


Converted films

General print for Printing and Packaging can produce different types of high quality converted films using:-

  • One 10 color Schiavi machine for rotogravure Printing model 1998 equipped with the modern technology
    in rotogravure industry which has a corona treatment unit and a very high efficiency register.
  • One 9 color (UTICO) for flexography printing model 2001 central drum equipped  with latest technology
    in flexography printing and contains a stock unit for full coverage printing.
  • Two Nordmeccainica machines model 2003 and 2006 which can laminate up to four layers in different type
    of lamination process as solvent base and solvent less lamination. It can also make a heat seal laqure coating.
  • Modern slitting facilities.
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